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Signal Processing and Machine Learning

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Psychological & Brain Sciences

Psychological & Brain Sciences

Psychological & Brain Sciences

Professor Scott Grafton is interested in how people organize movement into goal-oriented action.

Electrical and Computer Engineering

The main focus of our research is on new architectures and algorithms for next generation wireless communication and sensor networks.

Mechanical Engineering

Reseach interest: Biological Dynamics; control of neural populations; natural and artificial swarms: schooling fish, flocking birds, etc- territorial behavior- coupled oscillators. Fluid Dynamics- shear flow turbulence. Mechanical Systems- theoretical analysis of individual and coupled MEMS devices; vibrational energy harvesting. Networks - information propagation through social networks; collective decision making. Dynamical Systems- bifurcation theory- canards.

Computer Science

My primary research interests are in computer vision and imaging, human-computer interaction, machine learning, and augmented reality. I'm also interested in computation models of, and tools for, neuroscience.