Gaucho Growth session: Wired to Grow: The Neuroscience of Change


Britt Andreatta

Date and Location

Tuesday August 29, 2017 9:15am
Corwin Pavilion


WIRED TO GROW: THE NEUROSCIENCE OF CHANGE Wired to Grow: The Neuroscience of Learning Recent developments in   neuroscience illuminate how the brain learns, builds memories, and        develops habits. This research is shaping how learning should be designed by educators and experienced by learners. Some scholars argue that learning show now be defined as “an event that produces a permanent          neurological change.” This session will identify key   findings on the neuroscience of learning and how these principles can enhance instructional design and delivery in education and workplace settings, including the powerful benefits of blended learning, microbursts and the flipped classroom. In addition, discover how to enhance your own learning through simple techniques and strategies.