Gaucho Growth session: Unlocking the Power of Mindful Leadership for 21st Century Leaders


Dawa Tarchin Phillips

Date and Location

Tuesday September 12, 2017 10:00am
Corwin Pavilion


UNLOCKING THE POWER OF MINDFUL LEADERSHIP FOR                            21ST  CENTURY LEADERS  Mindfulness has emerged as a key skill for leaders, turning you into a presence others   can truly count on for intelligent decision-making and quality of life in business and     education. How does a leader begin to turn the corner toward deeper, broader and   more authentic leadership presence when the territory ahead is uncharted and past   approaches unreliable? How does a leader          cultivate focus and awareness that are the basis for long-term inspiration,              motivation and trust?  This workshop is designed specifically to introduce      leaders like you to the practice and science of mindfulness and mindful leadership. During the workshop you will expand your leadership acumen and skills, increase your capacity for trust building, learn to better deal with uncertainty and change, increase your emotional intelligence (EQ), cultivate mindful selfawareness and effective communication. Participants will receive practice instruction and a clear framework for cultivating mindful leadership going forward.