Special Emphasis In Neuroengineering

The Interdepartmental PhD Emphasis in Neuroengineering is a multidisciplinary program that brings together faculty from the Division of Mathematical, Life & Physical Sciences (MLPS) and the College of Engineering to provide graduate training. Applications to the Emphasis are accepted from doctoral students from the following participating PhD objectives:  Chemical Engineering, Computer Science, Dynamical Neuroscience, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Psychological & Brain Sciences.

The goal of neuroengineering is to describe the behavior of neurons, neural networks, and nervous system functions with computational models in order to aid the development of devices that could interpret and control signals and produce purposeful responses. As a field, it draws on computational neuroscience, experimental neuroscience, electrical engineering, computer engineering, robotics, materials science, and nanotechnology. UCSB's Neuroengineering Emphasis is designed to service engineering and neuroscience students who desire more than a cursory exposure to this field. For more information contact the Neuroengineering Faculty Advisor, Professor Jeff Moehlis at moehlis@engineering.ucsb.edu