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Bethany Innocenti
Development for the Sciences
UC Santa Barbara

Donations are sought for graduate fellowships that help recruit and support superior first year DYNS graduate students. These graduate fellowships are essential to the DYNS Program's ability to offer the unique learning environment for which they are known, and fosters interdisciplinary research. The graduate student is supported by grant funds (made available by their research advisor) as part of their academic tenure at UC Santa Barbara. The generous support from alumni and friends enables DYNS to recruit top graduate students and maintain research and educational excellence within the Program.

Annual Contributions

Annual contributions of $1,000 or more qualify you for membership in the Chancellor's Council at the University of California, Santa Barbara. UC Santa Barbara is an internationally recognized University for teaching and research, known for its interdisciplinary programs and innovative research. It is consistently ranked among the top American universities for the impact of its research programs in both the sciences and humanities. Your gifts to the Interdepartmental Graduate Program in Dynamical Neuroscience will help maintain UC Santa Barbara's pursuit of research excellence in the years to come.