Storke Sunrise. Credit: Eric Isaacs
Credit: Eric Isaacs


The Interdepartmental Graduate Program in Dynamical Neuroscience and the University of California at Santa Barbara are committed to promoting excellence through diversity and inclusiveness.

Why Choose DYNS?

At UCSB, we have 25 core faculty spanning seven departments who conduct research and provide education in dynamical neuroscience. In contrast to typical neuroscience PhD programs, which are often solely centered on biology and medicine, DYNS is focused on bridging across brain sciences and computational disciplines.  Fully one-third of the DYNS faculty are housed in Engineering departments, Physics, Math, Computer Science, Stats, or Chemistry. This collaborative, interdisciplinary community provides a unique environment for starting your career in neuroscience.

DYNS is built upon the individual strengths of UCSB faculty in diverse areas who work together in multidisciplinary efforts to apply quantitative approaches to studying neuroscience.

Its subdisciplines include such areas as molecular and cellular biology, genetics, computer science, artificial intelligence, nonlinear systems, statistical processes, physics, and aspects of psychology. The UCSB campus has superb standing faculty in all of these academic disciplines.

Those completing the PhD in Dynamical Neuroscience pursue careers in academia, industry, or government. 

 Application Deadline

December 1

DYNS does not currently require GRE exam scores.


DYNS Program Coordinator,
Graduate Advisor