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May 12, 2017

Taking the Helm

Physics professor Joseph Incandela has been selected to head the university’s Office of Research

By Sonia Fernandez

May 10, 2017

Guiding Light

Biologists discover an unexpected role for a light-sensitive receptor protein in the central brain that regulates circadian rhythms

By Julie Cohen

May 09, 2017

The Ways We Learn

Gregory Ashby is recognized for numerous theoretical and empirical contributions to experimental psychology throughout his career

By Julie Cohen

April 10, 2017

Visionary Engineering

UCSB mechanical engineering professor receives $1.6 Million 'Visionary Award' for diabetes research

By James Badham

March 21, 2017

The Aesthetics of Scientific Discovery

Art of Science winners share the beauty of science through imagery describing some aspect of their research

By Julie Cohen