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September 19, 2016

And the Winner Is …

Kudos to UCSB’s award-winning postdoctoral scholars

By Julie Cohen

September 07, 2016
Linking Perception to Action

A neuroscientist maps brain cell activity that occurs during the delay between sensation and action

By Julie Cohen

August 25, 2016

Basic Research Fuels Advanced Discovery

UCSB neuroscientist Kenneth Kosik discusses the importance of basic cell biology research in advancing the understanding of disease

By Sonia Fernandez

August 15, 2016

Brain scans of the musician Sting give UCSB neurologist Scott Grafton insight into how the rock star forges musical connections in his mind

By Julie Cohen

July 11, 2016

Scott Grafton helps develop a theory of compound movement that highlights a tradeoff between efficiency and computational cost

By Julie Cohen