• Courtesy of Ken Kosik Lab. Credit: Kosik Research Group.

Computational Vision

Faculty listed below:

Affiliated Faculty

Computer Science, Psychological & Brain Sciences

Dr. Beyeler directs the Bionic Vision Lab (https://bionicvisionlab.org), which focuses on the development of novel methods and algorithms to interface sight recovery technologies such as retinal implants ('bionic eye') with the human visual system, with the ultimate goal of restoring useful vision to the blind.  

Psychological & Brain Sciences

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Research in image/video analysis (including texture and shape analysis, segmentation, registration), multimedia databases and data mining (feature extraction, content based access, high dimensional indexing and similarity search), steganography (data hiding in images and video, and their detection), and signal/image processing for bio-informatics.

Mechanical Engineering

Reseach interest: Biological Dynamics; control of neural populations; natural and artificial swarms: schooling fish, flocking birds, etc- territorial behavior- coupled oscillators. Fluid Dynamics- shear flow turbulence. Mechanical Systems- theoretical analysis of individual and coupled MEMS devices; vibrational energy harvesting. Networks - information propagation through social networks; collective decision making. Dynamical Systems- bifurcation theory- canards.

Electrical and Computer Engineering

The lab of Spencer LaVere Smith (slslab.org) is investigating neural circuitry in action using novel instrumentation. One half of the lab is neuroengineering new instrumentation for measuring and manipulating neural activity. The other half of the lab is using the technology to perform experiments and gain insights into how neural circuitry processes stimuli and drives adaptive behavior.

Computer Science

My primary research interests are in computer vision and imaging, human-computer interaction, machine learning, and augmented reality. I'm also interested in computation models of, and tools for, neuroscience.