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March 21, 2017

The Aesthetics of Scientific Discovery

Art of Science winners share the beauty of science through imagery describing some aspect of their research

By Julie Cohen

March 14, 2017

Engineering, materials, sociology and English are highlighted in the news magazine’s annual list of “Best Graduate Schools”

By Andrea Estrada

March 06, 2017


 The 2017 Howard Crosby Warren Medal is presented to:

F. GREGORY ASHBY - University of California, Santa Barbara

Citation: "for his innovative and foundational theoretical and empirical work linking mind and brain in computational and mathematical models of learning and categorization"

Oral Presentation:

February 13, 2017

Your Brain on Exercise

Psychologists design an experiment to investigate whether human vision is more sensitive during physical activity

By Julie Cohen

February 02, 2017

Cell Smasher

The world’s tiniest hammer will allow UCSB researchers to get a cellular-level understanding of what happens when force is applied to brain cells

By Sonia Fernandez